Making and Taking Liquid Low Dose Naltrexone – LDN

For over 25 years, Low Dose Naltrexone – LDN has slowly gained recognition as a miraculous inexpensive Immune
System Booster able to arrest the progression of over a hundred diseases. It has been most effective with
Autoimmune Diseases like HIV, MS, Crohn's, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, and Autism as well as several Cancers. Our medical system with its difficult drug introduction rules suppresses the broad use of LDN but fortunately dozens of truly dedicated doctors, compounding pharmacists, research scientists and compassionate individuals have filled hundreds of Internet pages detailing the miraculous benefits of LDN.

In March 2000, a small group of us on GoodShape's MS Message Board began taking LDN.  Some of us were able to get a Prescription for 50mg Naltrexone Hydrochloride Tablets and dissolved a single 50 milligram(mg) naltrexone tablet in 50 milliliters(ml) of water. Then, using a baby syringe we would withdraw a 1 to 4.5ml daily dose depending on our tolerance and its effectiveness. Some of us probably were the first people in the world to take controlled doses of LDN using this method.

A great deal of experience has accumulated over the last 16 years which might be helpful to the tens of thousands of
people currently using LDN and perhaps answer some questions for the dozens of people who go on the Internet
daily with questions concerning starting LDN. What we have learned:

  • Everyone is different. One person's mg dosage for their disease may not be correct for you.
  • Too large a dosage could worsen the disease being treated. Too small may be ineffective.
  • 1 to 4.5mg  dosage between dinner and bedtime is best timing, but other hours are effective.                            
  • The most effective preparations are compounded fast release capsules, compounded trans-dermal
creams or sub-lingual liquid LDN.
  • Experienced Compounding Pharmacists listed on LDN websites must be used to obtain exact dosage
and correct fast release appropriate fillers in each capsule or trans-dermal cream.
  • Taking opiates, pain killers and excessive alcohol will counteract and limit LDNs effectiveness.
  • Refrigerate liquid LDN after it is made. It has a short shelf life at room temperatures.
  • Liquid LDN is the easiest preparation to vary dosage for your own daily effectiveness.
  • If you occasionally drink too much alcohol in the evening, take LDN the following morning.
  • Unrefrigerated liquid LDN or poorly compounded LDN capsules or incorrect doses are often the hidden
cause of ineffective results and side effects.
  • Experimenting with different doses of LDN should determine your best results.
  • People with Thyroid Issues and adverse reactions should experiment with1mg evening treatments.
  • Some long term users claim benefit from taking a one week LDN Holidays every few months.
  • Liquid LDN has a nasty taste but over time you will learn to love it or mix it with juice.

The ideal condition is probably too make your own liquid LDN, experiment with dosage levels and have your doctor  
monitor your progress. Unfortunately sometimes a doctor's prescription for 50mg naltrexone tablets, filled by a USA pharmacist could distort your medical records because the FDA has only approved naltrexone for drug and alcohol dependency. Buying Naltrexone Tablets on the Internet has become expensive with questionable quality. Getting a 50mg Naltrexone prescription from a LDN literate Doctor should be easy. Other Doctors may require a gift of LDN books, some downloaded LDN pages relating to your condition and some pleading.

Making liquid LDN is simple. Place a 50mg (hopefully made in the USA) naltrexone tablet in a small bottle (amber if possible), add 50ml of the best water you have, and store your liquid LDN in a refrigerator. You now are certain you have a perfect mixture because you made it yourself. It has a refrigerated shelf life of more than 30 days. For extra purity, you can pour the 100% dissolved Naltrexone liquid off the settled filler particles and rebottle it.

Taking LDN can be done with a simple child's medicine dropper with ml measuring graduates on the side. Each ml in
your liquid LDN carries a mg of naltrexone. Keep your Liquid LDN refrigerated and shake the container well before withdrawing your dosage. Begin with a 1mg evening dose and if you do not experience side effects and are challenging a serious disease, increase the dosage over the next two weeks never higher than 4.5mg. A doctor who seriously cares about you will help you establish the best dosage to optimize your immune system and fight your disease.

Fritz Bell  -  -                         Updated Dec 2020