Histamine was used to treat symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis in the Mayo Clinic in the 1940s and Dr. Hinton
Jonez treated thousands of patients using IV histamine treatments in the 1950s. Over the last 4 years thousands
of people have found relief from MS symptoms by applying small amounts of Histamine Phosphate solution to
their skin. The Treatment has been helpful for over half of those who have tried it but almost always loses its
effect after several months. However, there are many long term users who have learned to use Histamine
intermittently over the long term to provide an energy boost.

I developed the following transdermal  procedure to give my wife Histamine, in 3 easy steps, once or twice a
day. The first step is skin preparation to open pores and neutralize the skin ph. The second step is applying the
Histamine. And, the third step is applying any penetrating cream to help drive the Histamine through the skin.

Before making your own Histamine Drops, see if your Doctor will prescribe Histamine as defined on my Web
GoodShape's MS Histamine Treatment.If not, you may be interested in what I have done for my wife in
the last four years:

This .is what I use: I have a small bottle filled with a 3% Sodium Bicarbonate solution (Baking Soda & Water)
for skin preparation. I have a tiny 3ml dropper bottle containing a 3% aqueous solution of Histamine
diPhosphate Monohydrate (or Histamine Phosphate) prepared so that each drop equals approximately 1.25mg to
1.50mg of Histamine. And, I have a small tube of Vanicream penetrating skin cream.

This is how I make a 4 week supply of ingredients: The Skin Prep: I Mix a quarter teaspoon of Baking
Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) with 1 oz of water and put it in a small bottle.
The Histamine Drops: I buy
"Binaca Blaster Breath Drops" - two 3ml cylindrical dropper bottles for 99 cents - remove the cap from a bottle,
pop off the dropper tip and empty the bottle. Then I wash and dry completely all 3 parts. I use the dry cap as a
measuring cup and using a small knife blade or coffee stirring paddle (In a Very Dimly Lit Room) I put
Histamine Phosphate powder in the cap up to but not over the first tiny ledge in the bottom of the cap's cavity,
which measures 100mg of  the powder. I fill the dropper bottle to its shoulder with spring water and then
turning the dropper bottle half way and turning the Cap with Histamine half way, I carefully screw them
together and shake the bottle. (Nothing usually ever spills and the Histamine powder dissolves immediately) I
then remove the Cap, replace the Tip on the bottle and then put the Cap back on the Bottle. Now I have a 3ml
Dropper Bottle with about 80 drops containing approximately 1.25mg of Histamine in each drop. I store it in a
dark film container or Amber Bottle away from light.
The Penetrating Cream: I buy Vanicream ordered at the
Walmart pharmacy counter but any Vanishing and Penetrating Cream Base is fine. All three of these Histamine
Treatment containers can be stored at room temperature.

This is the 3 Step Histamine Treatment I give to my wife with MS - 2 times a day: The Skin Prep: I rub
a drop or two of the Baking Soda Solution on the inside of her forearm, and wipe it dry.
The Histamine: I rub
one drop of the Histamine Solution on the prepped skin area and let it dry.
The Penetrating Cream: I apply a
blob the size of a small pea (about 0.1ml) of Vanicream to the same area and rub it in till it’s absorbed.

After 4 years, Histamine has lost its initial significant energy effect for my wife, but we still experiment with
different doses and times depending on how she feels and we now usually skip steps #1 and #3 and simply put
one drop of Histamine Solution under her tongue to produce a mild quick boost of energy when needed.

More is not better: Too much Histamine will lower blood pressure, increase stiffness and cause fatigue.

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