Selected Testimonial Excerpts from the Histamine Message Board and from GoodShape's email Commenting on Histamine Drops and Other Histamine Messsage Board Treatments:

GoodShape, I just want you to know that I SAILED last night. I am finding that I do best with 2 drops 3X a day, very small amounts of caffeine cream, only enough to rub it in. I put this on before I went out to Mervyn's of California - one of those acre sized stores that take miles of walking to cover. I took my walker, I still need that for safety, but I walked end to end of that store and up and down the middle and all over, for an hour. NO foot drop, no fatigue. It was wonderful. I am now in the process of trying to get the AMP - will have to explain to my doc what it is if she doesn't already know...what a wonderful resource this board is. Marilyn B - July 12, 2000

I just had my appointment with my neuro and he surprised me by saying to go ahead with my homemade histamine/caffeine. Shelly - July 13, 2000

My Improvements on GS patchless & AMP at 1 month.
I began GS patchless on 7/4/00, one month today. My energy level is at least 5 times what it was. I am doing cleaning, outings, shopping, etc. that used to be spread over weeks in a day or two. My balance is much better, I've had NO falls since I started it, and used to have about 1 to 3 a day. My bladder accidents are down to almost almost nil from 5 to 10 a day before. My short term memory is greatly improved and my thinking is clear again. My left leg which I could only advance by swinging it in an arc from the hip I can now lift six inches off the floor for 4 to 7 steps in a row. My hands and feet were numb and my left foot was always ice cold before. Now I can feel the keys on the computer and my feet have some feeling, also my left foot is much warmer. My hearing has also improved a little. I am sleeping well. I am so DELIGHTED and grateful, and wish every MS patient would at least give it a try. With GS offering free Histamine they have nothing to lose. I am using GS Histamine with the soda solution and Caf.Cream 3 drops a day on one arm, and AMP with the soda solution and Caf.Cream 3 drops a day on the other arm. I also take a multivitamin that contains folic acid daily and B1/B12 IM injections every other day, and sometimes add B12 sublingual (under tongue) tablets on in between days..... Jeanie - August 3, 2000

I started using patchless histamine from GS on Wednesday. I am having even better results with the patchless than I ever had in five months with the procarin. Foot-drop has nearly disappeared and I have lots more energy than I ever had with the procarin, and of course it's so much easier and more convenient to use, but I believe the best advantage is the fact that I am getting a consistent dosage and I am able to adjust the dosage amount of histamine and caffeine for what my individual body needs at the time. I am using the patchless twice a day, using a little more of the caffeine cream in the morning than I use at night. Thank you GivenShare, you are truly a generous humanitarian.Elaine C - August 5, 2000

I've had Primary Progressive MS since 1991. I am now in a wheelchair most of the time. Can't lift left foot or leg - much fatigue - Most of the usual MS disabilities. I have been on Good Shape's homemade histimine and caffine cream for 17 days now. AND I BELIEVE IN THE HISTIMINE TREATMENT. My energy is up, my strength all around is up, I even took two steps, speech is normal now, can lift left leg up some, using walker more, typing better, and every day I look forward to more progress. This is the first remission I've had in 9 years. GoodShape is surely a a blessing and an angel. THANK YOU TO GOODSHAPE. YOU ARE HELPING MANY PEOPLE. Connie - August 10, 2000                                      

Well I finally receive my products from the Fla. company and started using the topical recipe on Saturday morning. I started having results within hours of the first application, the pain in my legs and usual fatigue started to disappear. I spent the day from 10:00am til 5pm in the ocean swimming and boogy boarding then went home took a shower and added second application went out to dinner and stayed out til 12 midnight.

I don't know if this stuff is a miracle or is it just psychological but the 2 applications per day work for me all weekend.... Bob - August 14, 2000

Thankyou Goodshape! Rode a mule today.

I took a 2 hr trip from home today and rode a mule for the first time in about 4 yr. The weather was about 98 degrees. I was afraid to stay out in the heat very long (Iwas out about 2 hr). Had the best day. The patchless is a gift from God. Thank you GOODSHAPE.....June - August 28, 2000

I have a VERY SEVERE case of LYME. I am in a wheelchair and numb from the neck down. I have the MRI evidence that shows the myelin damage. I live in SE PA west of Phila. I was misdiagnosed with MS, very common with idiot doctors that do not know Lyme.....I started patchless histamine on August 9, 2000. I have started to feel substantially stronger in my legs and am able to walk farther, several hundred feet with a walker and even went to church without the wheelchair on 9/24/00. I believe that histamine is working and it is the ONLY MS treatment I will take.....Gary - September 27, 2000

I have been on the patchless histamine cream for about a month with positive results. I take it in the AM and before retiring at night. I find that I sleep better (in spite of the caffeine) and I have a ton of energy during the day. I have had no side effects thus far. This treatment along with the gluten free, dairy free, no red meat diet and elimination of the foods that I am sensitive to from ELISA testing has virtually eliminated my fatigue..... Carol - October 8, 2000

....I just thought I'd let you all know of the success I have had with the Histamine/caffeine. I received my free sample last Friday and I started it right away. I definitely have more energy and I have noticed that I have less numbness.....I am now able to exercise on the treadmill for 10 to 15 minues a day. Before taking the patchess, I was pushing it to even stay on for 5 minutes! Afterthat, I would be so tired I had to rest for a long period of time. I can now get up in the mornings and get something done, because I feel so much better! Before, I experienced lots of leg cramps--so far--none! My balance is better also. I am praying to God everyday, thanking Him for this miracle in my life.....Barb - October 11, 2000

Started Amp with with Histamine & Caffine,My daughter has started to walk, raising from bed to standing position a few steps to the chair. It is a start. Thanks to God and the good people on this board.Thanks to Givenshare for getting us started. Jack - October 21, 2000

Goodshape, I have been on your patchless for abour 4 months now. The numbness in my feet and lower legs is gone. My walking is slow, but I don't think I would walk at all without the patchless. I am using a cream that I purchase from the drugstore that I have been using for a long time thought you might want to check it out. I asorb it very easy and seems to be working. It is called CETAPHIL,  made by Galderma Laboratories in Fort Worth, Texas.... MaryAnn - October 25, 2000

Thank you so very much!

I received my sample last Wed. and started the same day. I had the best Saturday in a long time, getting so much
accomplished. My legs were stronger and I could walk longer and had more balance. Then Sunday during my stretches and exercies I was amazed. No shaking and complete control of my movements. I have been able to do things I have not done in several years. Thanks so very, very much. Marilyn G - October 31, 2000
Hello GoodShape and Friends; The Patchless is working for me better than procarin...

I am so excited, I have been using the patchless since 10/15 and I am now able to use my walker to walk, my legs are not heavy, they do not lock and the rigidness is diminishing. Procarin did not do this for me. I now show other people challenged with ms how to make it and I pass out free samples. I used to be my compounding pharmacists most loyal customer for procarin by referring people to him, now I refer them to this board. Procarin is too expensive. So now I am coming out of the closet and using my real name and if my pharmacist find out :( sorry. I love you all. Charlotte - November 8, 2000                                                                                                                                                

Hello, I have been on the Histamine, 1 week today, it took 4 days to see anything. Out of my wheelchair and using a walker during the day now. I am looking forward to going to bed tonight and waking up in the morning to see how much better I feel!!.... Katrina - Noember 9, 2000

....Let me say that the histamine has made more of a difference in my health than all the vitamins I've taken over the years. Killjoy - November 9, 2000

Thank you, Goodshape!....Not a cure, but far and away the best 'treatment' option that I have seen! James - November  13, 2000

I also use GS histamine. I began using injectable histamine a year ago last August. I swiched to GS' histamine recipe soon after I discovered this board late last Spring. My neuro opthalmologist is shocked, histamine has eliminated 15 years worth of compounded, ever deepening blindness I'd incurred. The reversal was discovered 2 weeks after I started using injectable histamine. Additionally, it stopped a newly developed case of glaucoma. Histamine is supposed to be just a symptom mangagment tool, for me it has been far more. I no longer have any symptoms of MS, however, I continue to use histamine to ensure against redeveloping blindness and glaucoma. The recovery of my vision is documented against years of increased black-out blindness recorded with computerized field vision test results.

And you didn't ask, but I'll throw in the rest for good measure. I also use IM injectable vitamin B complex, vitamin B12 and AMP. IM B complex is because MSers don't absorb vitamin Bs intestinally well. B12 facilitates remyelination, and AMP provides normal bladder & bowel function and muscle strength that out of this world! Norma - November 14, 2000

....several months ago I had  requested my free month's supply of the histamine/caffeine cream, and I just can't say enough good things about it! I am no chemist, nor did I completely understand how or why it works, but I have applied it faithfully to my wrist every morning for the past several months (it has lasted that long because I only use it once a day, and evidently I don't use the proper ammount) but nontheless, I absolutely LOVE it and am so grateful for it! Stacy - November 27, 2000

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE--UNBELIEVABLE (UNTIL YOU TRY IT!!!) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! Carol - November 29, 2000

Just received my sample of histamine & caffeine. I have tried the Procarin patch: it requires refrigeration conditions that make it hard to get away, it is unstable, and you are dependent on doctors and pharmacists. I welcome the freedom to control the application, be able to go places, and not worry about refrigeration of the substance. I feel that my legs are getting stronger, and that my walking has improved. I just hope it continues. Cathy - December 15, 2000

Anyway, I did want to update you on my progress.  Since starting rub-on, Herp-Eeze and 4ap and supplements my energy level is remarkable.  Absolutely NO Valley of fatigue!, as Marlene calls it.  At Physical Therapy my PT's help  me to my feet, then up to the parallel bars.  I stand and  weight shift for 10 minute intervals.  Now I'm working on rebuilding and training my muscles. Robyn - December 30, 2000

....Just picked up my first batch of patchless and am absolutely thrilled with it! Easy application, great results, lower cost, insurance covers it...this is an unbeatable combination!!! .....I love, love, love the patchless!! Thank you,
Goodshape! You are a Godsend! Peace! Kay - January 15, 2001

You probably don't remember me but you sent me a sample in August...I ordered my own in Sept and made my first batch in Oct. I am  still on it and doing quite well. My neurologist is impressed with my progress. Thank you for thinking of the "little guy" and giving us some hope. May God Bless you and your wife!! Candace - January 16. 2001

....So far, I am enjoying Goodshape's Patchless patch, LDN, AMP, and Larrestat. For the first time in 3 years I can move my feet! I look forward the PT because I am doing more not less! Everyone (including the doctors) can't get over how good I look and feel. I am proof positive someone with MS can get better! Thank all of you and Goodshape. Lots of love and prayers, Lynne - January 23, 2001

....I think the muscle in my right eye has also strengthened - I need new prescription for right lense but don't want to get one yet in case the change continues - I can't afford new glasses weekly! Has anyone else had a similar experience? It's a problem I'm delighted to have as it's all down to Goodshapes bringing about a real increase in the quality of my life. Liz - January 25, 2001

First 2 days of using givenshare's histimine sample-wow! I'm excited! I started the procedure 1/26 and after an hour, noticed more energy, no stiffness, and just a general sense of well-being....I'm keeping a journal so I can document progress. It's just so exciting because I've never, in the 23 yrs. of carrying this albatross, had such immediate changes! Thank you Goodshape and thank all you folks on this message board for the support! Sue - January 25, 2001

Just saw Dr. Bihari on friday, 2/23. He's made the connection with me. Had chickenpox as kid. Mono in high school, and always broke out with cold sores at least 5 times a year. All forms of herpes virus. He put me on high dose Acyclovir 2400mg a day to help keep virus in check. LDN to enhance immune system. Haven't felt this good in years. Could be the endorphines from the LDN. I call it my happy pill. God bless everyone on this board. I've never learned so much and felt so empowered with my health care. Donna - March 1, 2001

.... I don't have MS, my husband does and the Dr. told us that if he didn't take the ABC's that there wasn't anything else he could do. We tried and got worse the Dr. said "I can't see that there is anything else except a nursing home" Needless to say we don't go to that Dr. anymore. This board has done more then any 10 Dr. and I very greatfull for finding it. My husband is on GS H/C LDN Vit/min and doing better. It's a shame we don't (have) Doctor's who can read and listen.... Linda - March 2, 2001

Hello I am on your sample of this stuff and have to say it is great, have not felt this good in a long time THANK YOU!! How do I get more before I run out ? Can I buy some from you? I am half way thru this batch. Thanks. Mario - March 8, 2001

Great News because of Goodshape's dedication big news for the day:) it was a beautiful day today. i went outside and walked 10 steps with a walker away from my wheelchair and walked 10 steps with my walker back to my wheelchair . i did it three times over a period of an hour. a very, very special thanks to Goodshape...Ianna - April 8, 2001 

He was doing fine untill he started using Betasuron and we told the Dr. that he was getting worse and he said :"Stay on it" so he did for about 9 months and finally he couldn't get up so we quit and he's getting better now. We tried Copaxone and it did nothing one way or the other. So we stopped it too. Now he's just on LDN, histamin, caffine, AMP, B12 IM, B1 IM, and other vitamins. Doing much better since he got away from the Dr. Linda - April 21, 2001

amp works great! thank you Goodshape!!!!!! i used method #1. i thought histamine was a great help, but now w/the addition of amp i feel i'm on my way back!!! Goodshape, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! ianna - May 10, 2001

I started on Goodshapes histamine and caffiene cream 2 months ago. I have almost no fatigue, using my walker more, better handwritting, more flexible, can wiggle my left foot now and I look forward to more improvement! I'm going to start AMP as soon as I get it. I thank God for Goodshape. The first real positive help for my M.S. Nancy - May 10, 2001

....My Fatigue no longer bothers me. I am more alert and my mind is sharper. This Treatment has improved my various symtoms to a point that I feel better now than I have since I was in my 20s. Just before the early signs of MS became present. (I am now 68 years old) Emmett - June 7, 2001

I'm on GS Histamine/Caffeine cream. Much improvement. Must be my body needed histamine. I haven't had the return of my allergies yet. Keep waiting. Started May 7th,2001. I just started AMP last week.GS's method#1.I apply everything 3x a day.More strength, balance and coordination.The best news is that my neurologist prescribed LDN for me. Nancy - June 13, 2001

Just wanted to let everyone know I am feeling pretty darn good compared to this time last summer. Since I started using the GS h2/caffeine cream, plus the AMP, LDN, and also having had all my amalgams replaced except for 2 (under crowns), by a biological dentist, I am handling the heat of this summer (Richmond, VA, 90's and high humidity) pretty darn good. I do believe that getting the amalgams out is helping my immune system. I also feel that the AMP is helping quite a bit. Later. Mike - July 24, 2001

Almoust year has gone with histamine and caffeine - treatment. Everything is quite well, I actually think only reason I can still walk is this GS-patchless. Thank you so much for that sample I got and also for information about these things! I have passed my knowlige very carefully, in Finland doctors donīt like alternatives. But to my MS friends whom have asked, I have told about histamine, amp, ldn and so on. Pauliina - July 24, 2001

THANK YOU just seems not enough for you giving me back my life. I've been on your histamine since Nov. 2000. My improvements have been many, but the biggie is I can now STAND. After 10 years confined to a wheelchair! I played around with dosage and sites but by about Aug, 2000, I settled on 1 drop 2x a day on my wrist. I now get my best results using your method. The one thing that I do with amazing results is I made my histamine fresh daily. I know I waste a lot but the results are worth it. Also I make my caffeine cream, AMP, and baking soda mixture fresh weekly. I also refrigerate everything. THANK YOU again for all you do. Barbara - October 13, 2001

I think I was one of the first to come to GoodShapes board. I have used Histamine and Caffeine with spectacular results. I also use LDN, Larreastat, B 12 and many supplements and it is worth everybit of it. I am in total remission and have a normal life and complete function of all parts of my body and mind. I am careful of my diet, exercise and rest. I wish all could find their own successful triumph over MS. Marlene - November 13, 2001

....I found about this board about the time my son started taking LDN in April of 2000. This is the only place I can discuss alternative treatment sources with open-minded people. I have gained a lot of information from this board which has so much improved the qualtiy of my son's life and mine as well! I really don't know what I'd do without it. Everyone is always so helpful and willing to spend precious time sharing with former strangers. I try to contribute also.
Helen RN - November 14, 2001

....Then we came to this board, and we found out about B12, within a week my wife was feeling better. Then in July we began Goodshapes histamine treatment, within hours my wife's dropfoot disappeared. Within a few weeks her energy level was higher. Then we began with the topical AMP, again, within a few weeks she no longer had as much bladder incontinence.....Illya - November 23, 2001 severe spasticity allowed me "some" days that i could stand to make my transfer and even use my walker for VERY short distance very very carefully. Once I started GOODSHAPE'S histamine treatment it allowed me the ability to bend my legs and FELT LIKE I HAD DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN BEING ABLE TO position myself in bed and get comfortable. I have been on the emu pills for about 15 days... and use emu oil to rub the back of my neck and also using it to rub in my histamine drops. Angelina - December 12, 2001

Easiest method really is sublingual. I started with Procarin then goodshapes method then finally for the last several weeks, two drops under tongue three times per day. I am a very happy camper. Mary Lee - December 22, 2001

Histamine. It is one of the few treatments where I can actually feel a huge difference. To name a few: (1) less spasticity (2) better balance (3) walk better (4) more energy (5) sense of well-being and I could probably name more benefits if I stopped using it. I use 1 drop twice a day with caffeine cream. When I get the Emu oil, I will probably use it instead of the caffeine cream as it will be easier and it won't transfer to clothes, etc. Gretchen - December 27, 2001